Promoting a new and disruptive automotive technological solution, fighting market barriers while changing customer behavior, adopting anew and safer driving habit.

Content strategy

Marketing strategy

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Promoting a new and disruptive automotive technological solution, fighting market barriers while changing consumer behavior, making them adapt to a new, safer driving reality.


To build and strengthen SaverOne's digital assets and position the company as an advanced technology company with a working and necessary solution to driver’s destruction.

We Did

We built a layered content strategy to maximize existing content activity and set the foundation for expanding activity in the nearest future,in line with the company's business plan. In addition, we decided to improvethe company's visibility on its website and social channels - Facebook and LinkedIn, along with a full rebranding of the company’s visual materials such as investor's deck, landing pages, brochures, etc.


  • Storytelling

Refining the company's story, using the barriers it has faced as part of the narrative. We focused on addressing the issues of introducing a new and unfamiliar product, along with a limited willingness on the part of drivers to adopt this solution voluntarily. Looking right into these issues was a great strategy for SaverOne, creating a discussion around the problem they address, and exposing a shared value for drivers, companies, and society as a whole.

  • A new content strategy and company branding  


Defining the company’s different audience groups and creating custom-fitted messages for them, both textually and visually. These insights formed the basis for building a new website and operating a year-round digital marketing strategy including a professional blog, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Digital marketing activity has contributed to the company's growth in the domestic market and allowed it to gain a foot hold in the global market. The company has raised $38 million and recently recorded another achievement with its entry into Nasdaq.


Increase in unique visitors to its LinkedIn page between 2021 and 2022


increase in the numberof LinkedIn page followers between 2021 to 2022


increase in thevisibility of its Facebook page between the previous and current year
"The ContentLab team is dedicated, professional and effective.The team successfully provides us with a wide range of services that are helping us grow and succeed. From the development of our marketing strategy and work plans to the management of our digital assets as well as the content and advertising materials in the offline worlds, all perfectly executed."
Israel Eiby