Discount Bank

How promptly bring the client to prominence on LinkedIn and effectively showcase their organization's ongoing internal and external activities. These results were achieved by constructing a content strategy tailored to a diverse audience - existing and potential customers who show interest in the bank's operations and employees.

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To emphasize the bank's positioning as a leading financial institution in Israel by exposing its extensive business activities and organizational characteristics. All of which, while providing significant value to readers, fostering engagement from their side, and expanding the reach to additional target audiences.

We Did

Develop a comprehensive content strategy tailored to the organization's needs, with measurable goals set for success. Based on the strategy, the content framework combines ongoing business activities with the internal organizational activities of the bank. We have emphasized the application of key principles to enhance content exposure and engagement of the exposed followers while maintaining consistency and coherence in messaging and visual identity over time.


Discount Bank achieved remarkable growth in followers, organic exposure, and engagement on LinkedIn through strategic content creation aligned with business goals, establishing them as a leader in the industry.


Followers Growth


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LinkedIn page visitors Growth
"At the very beginning of our engagement with the ContentLab, we immediately noticed a change in our LinkedIn activity, first with DiscounTech and later with Discount. Our leap to the network's top happened within a few short months, all thanks to the dedication, professionalism, and care provided by the ContentLab team who accompanies us daily in our activities. Through their ongoing consultation and attentiveness, we connected with and reached diverse audiences beyond our expectations, significantly expanding the number of followers interested in our ongoing initiatives. Thank you for your unwavering commitment."
Yael Barmak
Director of advertising and marketing communication, Israel Discount Bank